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Razer Releases Gaming Finger Sleeves to "Seal Your Mobile Victory"

Razer has released a new accessory that you might not be familiar with but will need if you're a heavy mobile gamer - the Razer Gaming Finger Sleeve.

Woven with high-sensitivity silver fiber, the finger sleeves aim to give players "enhanced aim and control" on touch screens and additional comfort with its breathable fabric. The 0.8 mm sleeves are designed to keep your fingers dry and cool since many gamers will sweat during mobile gaming due to the phone's heat, especially after long hours of use.

According to Razer, the finger sleeves are stretchy and elastic so any finger size can fit into them. They are also hand-washable.

The Razer Gaming Finger Sleeve costs US$9.99 (~RM41) and is currently available in the US market. Given how popular mobile gaming is in Malaysia, we are expecting it to be released here later.


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