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Razer Now Has A Prepaid Card, and Of Course it Lights Up

Razer has teamed up with Visa to create a prepaid virtual card called the Razer Card.

The card requires no subscription and can be upgraded to a Standard or Premium physical card. “All card users will enjoy year-long cashback features with no capped limit, a gamified rewards system in-app, and can make payments at over 61 million merchant locations globally where Visa is accepted,” says the press release. Customers can get 1% cashback for purchases “made across categories” and up to 5% cashback for RazerStore and Gold purchases without minimum spend and with no capped limit.'

Image source: Razer

Razer also says that the Razer Card’s loyalty program will differ from its peers by giving users a personalized experience that lets them “track, score and redeem rewards based on tasks and everyday transactions”. And as expected of Razer, the Premium card lights up when you make a payment.

Razer will first conduct a Singapore-only beta test for 1,337 selected users for three months, until 31 December, will all versions of the card later launching in January 2021. After the Razer card launches in Singapore, it will be become available in other countries that have Razer Pay, Razer’s mobile wallet.


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