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Razer CES 2021 Concepts: Smart Mask, Gaming Chair with Retractable 60" Display

As outlandish as they may be, you've gotta admit that Razer always has intriguing ideas when it comes to new concepts.

At this year's CES, Razer has unveiled Project Hazel, a smart mask to keep up with these pandemic-ridden times, and Project Brooklyn, an RGB gaming chair with a built-in 60" display.

Apart from ensuring user safety, Project Hazel also focuses on solving some common problems that arise from wearing a mask. Voiceamp technology ensures that speech isn't muffled, while a clear, transparent design allows people to read your facial expressions clearly and potentially aids hearing-impaired individuals to lip-read as well. The smart mask also automatically lights up in the dark, so your face remains visible even in poor lighting conditions.

As for the efficacy of the mask itself, you can swap in new filters into the ventilators, which Razer claims have "long-lasting battery life for all-day use." To charge it up, you can use the dual-purpose fast charger and steriliser to keep your mask clean and juiced up to go.

And of course, it has RGB lighting as well.

Like the Predator Thronos Air, Razer's Project Brooklyn is an all-in-one gaming rig with a built-in display and table. However, what makes it special is that instead of having to mount external displays onto the rig, Project Brooklyn contains a deployable 60" OLED display stowed in the back of the seat itself.

The 4D armrests can convert into a compact table, so you can switch between mouse-and-keyboard and console gaming. While the chair isn't a gaming massage chair, it does have haptic feedback for super immersive gameplay. As is Razer's custom, it comes with Razer Chroma RGB as well.

Of course, these are merely design exercises which may not even come to fruition as a consumer product, but it's still nice to see Razer exploring conceptual elements which may be integrated into products in the future.


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