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Ragnarok X: Next Generation Rolls Out Guild Wars Event in SEA

Nuverse has brought Guild Wars to Ragnarok X: Next Generation. The highly anticipated guild versus guild (GvG) update puts guild members’ mettle and unity to the test in a large-scale player versus player (PvP) battle. The Guild Wars will commence every Saturday at 9 - 9.45pm local time across all servers with a World Level higher than 55, and will be open to guild members with a Base Level over 35. There are five available locations for guilds to conquer and then defend, namely Geffen, Alberta, Morroc, Izlude Island, and Payon.

The GvG system works similarly with the original version where guilds battle to occupy bases in the cities of Midgard by destroying the Emperium crystal stored in the city. The guild that has successfully conquered the city will then become the defender of the base and fight off other guilds from taking over.

The Guild Wars event will be divided into 3 main phases: the Siege War phase, the Clash of Champions phase, and the Defensive War mode. During the first phase, players must fight against monsters to claim neutral bases. The success automatically turns the guild members into Defenders and they must protect their bases from other guilds for a duration of 15 minutes, which is where the second phase begins. Finally, the Defenders will go into the Defensive War mode during the following weeks as they are required to successfully defend the bases for a total of 45 minutes. Successful guilds will gain occupancy over the cities and each winning guild will be rewarded with exclusive rewards.

Participating guild members will also stand a chance to earn GvG Participation Chests by simply defeating an opposing guild member or reviving a fellow guildmate. Winning guilds will be rewarded with City Owner chests containing Guild Contribution and Shadow Equipment materials. In addition, the five guilds will also gain access to a special PvP battleground known as the Abyssal Arcade where they must defeat MVP bosses that will drop the rarest and most powerful equipment. The Abyssal Arcade also has gathering spots that reward high level Shadow Equipment materials.

Ragnarok X: Next Generation is available for download on iOS and Android.


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