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Predator Partners with OSIM to Produce Massage Gaming Chair, Also Launches Own Energy Drink

While certain brands have teased RGB lighting as the hippest innovation in the gaming chair arena, Acer Predator has decided to one-up their game and introduce a massage gaming chair in partnership with OSIM.

Yeap. You heard that right. It's a gaming chair that works away the tense knots in your body even as they build up from your intense raging - I mean gaming - sessions with your incompetent 5-person stack.

While it still retains the edgy gamer-inspired colour accents around the body, the new Predator x OSIM gaming chair ditches the racing seat aesthetic and opts for a more squat and homely-looking form instead.

On the right armrest is an embedded control panel to keep all your preferred settings within arm's reach, while the backrest boasts a four-roller function to knead your aching muscles. If you're feeling extra rich, you'll be pleased to know that this chair is compatible with the Predator Thronos, which needs no introduction.

Oh, and did I mention that the chair plays music as well? Yeah. It has a pair of Bluetooth speakers built into the headrest so you can play your weeb tunes, Tibetan throat chanting, or whatever that soothes your frazzled nerves after an extending losing streak.

But wait, that's not all! To accompany your solo massage session, Acer has introduced the Predator Shot, which is basically Red Bull, but in a yellow can (jk, please don't kill me.) Acer says that the Predator Shot energy drink is full of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B and lutein, which is thought to protect eyes from damage via excessive light exposure.

So there you have it. The prices and availability of the Predator X OSIM Gaming Chair and Predator Shot have yet to be revealed, but I'm guessing most of us will only be able to afford the latter.

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