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Predator Helios 700 feat. HyperDrift: RM17,999 Worth of Muscle

Today, Acer Malaysia officially announced the launch of the Predator Helios 700, a true beast in terms of power. Retailing at half a year's salary of the average office worker, this gaming laptop is certainly packin'.

Thank you sir for smiling at me

Without a doubt, the most outstanding feature of this beauty is its groundbreaking HyperDrift keyboard. Extending the keyboard and trackpad outwards reveals Dual 4th Gen Aeroblade™ 3D Fans nested under stylish Corning® Gorilla® glass mesh. This design allows increased airflow of up to 18.9% through the top of the laptop, enabling gamers to push the machine's performance to its limits.

In its undocked configuration, the Predator Helios 700 is able to run at Boosted and Extreme performance modes - a step up from its docked configuration, which only offers Normal and Fast performance modes.

The futuristic glow is almost like a heartbeat

Apart from enhancing performance, the HyperDrift keyboard also serves to improve ergonomics; with the keyboard closer to your body, you can keep a good distance from the 17.3-inch 144hz IPS monitor - yes, it's as beautiful as it sounds - without having to stretch your stubby Asian arms out. The edge of the keyboard also folds down neatly to become a makeshift wrist rest, which is a nice touch.

With great power comes great thiccness

Beyond the requisite per-key RGB lighting and anti-ghosting features that are expected of any decent gaming laptop, you'll also enjoy MagForce WASD keys which use analog-like linear switches that trigger actuation immediately upon the initial press to allow even more precise in-game movements. (No more blaming your laptop for your noobness!)

Aesthetics-wise, the Helios 700's exterior serves up standard gamer fare - an illuminated logo accompanied by angular fins on the back.

Beneath its sleek exterior lies even more impressive specs. Check 'em out:

The Acer Predator Helios 700 will be available today onwards from all authorised Acer dealers nationwide at RM17,999.

If you're in the mood to splurge, here's the place.


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