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Pre-Order The Predator X OSIM Massage Gaming Chair Now at Half the Retail Price

Earlier this year, Acer announced that they will be introducing the hybrid gaming and massage chair in partnership with OSIM. After a long wait, pre-orders are finally open.

While the chair will be priced at an exorbitant RM4,899 upon official release, you can pre-order it now for just RM2,399, which is slightly less than half the retail price.

Though you may find the price tag ridiculously expensive compared to other gaming chairs out there, which other chair will knead your back and play your favourite music from its headrest? Not to mention the remote control neatly embedded into its right armrest which will allow you to adjust your settings within even lifting your ass from the seat. That's peak laziness - ahem, I mean luxury - right there, ladies and gentlemen.

In any case, you can order the Predator X OSIM gaming massage chair now and it will arrive by roughly the end of October. It's available in blue and black, with 'Predator' emblazoned on the side.

If you're quick, the first 100 pre-order customers will also walk away with a free uVision 3 eye massager to soothe your strained eyes after watching your teammate whiff their ulti for the umpteenth time.

For more info, check out their product page here.


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