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Post Malone Spent USD 800k on a Magic The Gathering Card

American rapper Post Malone revealed he had recently spent USD 800,000 (RM 3.56 million) on a rare Magic The Gathering.

Speaking as a guest on The Howard Stern Show, Post Malone said that the most expensive card he ever purchased was an “artist print, Chris Rush-signed Black Lotus”.

Widely considered the most expensive non-promotional card in Magic The Gathering’s history, the card allowed players to easily win games due to the card not costing mana and also adds three mana of any colour to their mana pool before discarding it.

Due to restrictions and rule changes, the card has not been reprinted since 1994, making it extremely rare to find it in good condition.

The price of Post Malone’s Black Lotus card makes more sense since it has the signature of Chris Rush, one of the original 25 artists who provided art for the early sets, including Black Lotus.

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