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Pokémon Unite Goes Live on Switch Today

Pokémon Unite is officially unlocked on Nintendo Switch as of 2am CT (3pm Malaysian Time) today. Pokémon Unite is a MOBA spin-off of the Pokemon series set on Aeos Island where players will team up for 5v5 battles. Players need to collect Aeos energy by defeating other Pokémon and score at the opposing team’s goal.

Fans can download the free-to-play game via the Nintendo eShop. According to the game’s eShop listing, Pokémon Unite requires 928 MB of free space to download. While the Switch version of the game is available today, the mobile version is scheduled to be released in September. There are also plans for cross-platform play between Switch players and mobile players.

Players who log into the game on the Switch by August 31 will receive the Electric-type Mythical Pokémon Zeraora. Zeraora’s Unite Move sends out a powerful electric blast, creating a zone of plasma around its strike zone.


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