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PMPL S2 Billionaire Crate Event: Earn PUBG Mobile Rewards Until 13 September

In case you missed it, PUBG Mobile Pro League Season 2 (PMPL S2) is currently in full-swing. In conjunction with the event, PUBG Mobile has launched the Billionaire Crate in-game event, where players can earn rewards by completing Classic Matches. The amount of Classic Matches required will be mentioned in the event section.

How does it work?

The missions run every Friday to Sunday for 3 weeks. Players are encouraged to complete daily missions for more opportunities to advance.

Collect rewards by completing the individual milestones. Players are constantly given the chance to get small rewards, and they can get rewards for participating in the game during the event.

You can get up to 10 opportunities per day. What you need to do is: play games with your friends, kill at least 3 enemies each day, and then watch the game for at least 3 minutes. Each time the player completes two rounds, the player can get and open a Billionaire Crate, which will be the same as the crates from PUBGM LUCKY CRATE.

Players have a chance to get Permanent Exclusive PUBG Mobile Pro League Items. The Billionaire Crates may be purchased with 60UC each on PUBGM LUCKY CRATE.

The Billionaire Crate event is now live and will last until 13 September 2020, so you'd better start shooting!


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