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PlayStation 6 Is Allegedly in Development Already, According to Job Listing

It's barely been a year since the PlayStation 5 was launched, and many are still trying to get their hands on the console. But it seems that there is news about the development of PlayStation 6 already.

According to Twitter user Zuby_Tech, Sony is reportedly working on the PlayStation 6 console. The information came from a job listing on the PlayStation website, where the company is hiring a Ph.D. Intern for the Research and Development wing on PlayStation.

The job listing states that the intern's responsibilities include "contributing to identifying and developing the technology portfolio of future PlayStation platforms". The phrase "future PlayStation platforms" hints that Sony might have started developing the PlayStation 6.

This may be upsetting for many gamers who haven't got their PS5 consoles as Sony hasn't improved its stock situation. Though it isn't unusual for Sony to start developing on the next generation console as the company usually starts developing the next console within 2 years of the launch of its latest gaming console.

For example, the PS3 was launched in 2006 and PS4 started development in 2008. And when PS4 was released in 2013, PS5 started development sometime in 2015. If we follow this timing, we'll only see the PS6 in around another 5 years.


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