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Players Are Unhappy About the Santa Claus Skin Coming to Battlefield 2042

As if Battlefield 2042 hasn't gone through enough rough patches during its launch, developer DICE is facing more frustrations from fans after an accidental reveal of a range of cosmetic items in the latest update.

One particular skin has been seen as offensive to the hardcore Battlefield community - the "Father Winter" - a skin for the demolitionist specialist Pyotr Boris Guskovsky. The skin sees Boris dressed in a red-hooded jacket that complements his lush beard, making him look like a Santa Claus.

"I have never seen such a strange juxtaposition in tone built into a game. It's really very odd, I would love to have seen the design discussions that went into this." a Redditor wrote.

Another player tweeted, "How is the mood supposed to be fun and lightheartedness when the intro tried pushing a failed-state, billions of non-pats, and the devestating effects of climate change? If they wanted to make a game with funny, kid-catered skins - it shouldn’t have been battlefield."

Many have compared the approach to Fortnite crossovers and claim that the goofiness does not match the tone of the game. It looks like it would be best for the developers to focus on fixes rather than cosmetics.


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