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Peacock Announced its PlayStation Car Game Adaptation "Twisted Metal", Starring Anthony Mackie

Anthony Mackie is seen locking, loading, and revving up for some vehicular mayhem in the first teaser video for "Twisted Metal" from Peacock. In case you are unfamiliar with Twisted Metal, it is a classic PlayStation vehicle combat sim that emphasizes violence and total destruction.

As seen in the trailer, the new Captain America, Anthony Mackie will be playing John Doe, a motor-mouthed outsider who drives across the wasteland filled with marauders in their death machines to deliver a mysterious package for someone mystery.

Additionally, the cast list for this video game adaptation includes Stephanie Beatriz as Quiet and Thomas Haden Church as Agent Stone as reportedly by Variety. "Twisted Metal" will premiere on July 27th, 2023, and consists of ten episodes for Season 1.


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