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Palworld Early Review

Palworld, and yet, it’s one of the most fun games I’ve played in the past year, which, yes, includes all of 2023’s bangers. This game has gone from the meme of “Pokémon with guns” to genuinely being the type of Pokémon game I’ve wanted to see out of Nintendo for 25 years but have never gotten. However, it is more than Pokémon with guns, as I will list out all the game's similarities here.

Character Creation

The character creation is just the basic character creation that is similar to Monster Hunter WOrld's character creation where there is nothing standing out there. The graphic model however does look more similar to genshin impact's mode i would say.

Stardew Valley's Base Building

The integration of Stardew Valley's base-building concept enhances the overall gaming experience, providing players with the opportunity to not only engage in thrilling Pokémon battles but also to establish and customize their own unique bases. This feature not only adds strategic depth to the gameplay but also fosters a sense of ownership and creativity, allowing players to tailor their in-game environment to their liking.

Pokémon's PC Storing

The Palworld Pal storing system, while bearing similarities to Pokemon's PC storing, distinguishes itself by offering enhanced convenience, resembling the ease of managing items as if one were effortlessly taking them in and out.

Breath of the Wild's Glider

Certainly, in this game, you have the ability to glide by utilizing a specific item or Pal stored within your inventory, enhancing the overall ease of your exploration.

Genshin Impact Exploration Mechanic

The mechanics governing running, stamina management, and climbing within this game exhibit striking resemblances to those featured in Genshin Impact. From the fluidity of character movements during running sequences to the careful management of stamina while undertaking various activities, such as climbing, the game seems to draw inspiration from the acclaimed design principles of Genshin Impact.

Escape From Tarkov Raid

It feels reminiscent of throwing back to experiences from Escape from Tarkov, as at times, there are raids taking place, and you find yourself in the position of defending the base against aggressive Pals.

Pokémon Pal Catching Mechanics

Similar to a Pokeball, you can catch Pals in the game by reducing their health, and the lower their health, the higher the chance of successful capture. Capturing the Pal will grant you access to use or ride it, depending on the specific Pal. Remarkably, you can even capture boss Pals in this game!

Ark progression and build

The progression and level system closely mirror that of ARK, in fact, the entire game shares a remarkable similarity with ARK.

Fortnite Gun System

Later in the game, you are able to craft firearms, and the shooting system and perspective are similar to Fortnite, except that you can't build walls in this game. However, you can use your Pal as a wall, though.

ARK Gathering system

The primary resource in this game is obtained through farming, a process that closely resembles ARK. The key distinction lies in the ability to enlist the help of your Pals for labor, significantly easing your workload. It introduces a unique dynamic of work distribution within the gameplay.

Genshin checkpoint teleport open world system

While exploring the map, you'll encounter checkpoints that allow you to teleport between them, a system closely resembling the one initially introduced in Genshin Impact.

Elden Ring Boss System

Dungeons, encounters with wild bosses, or designated summoning areas — the boss system in this game bears a resemblance to Elden Ring, wherein the bosses feature prominently with a sizable HP display presented at the top.

Honkai Star Rail Combat with your Pal

Here, although introduced as "Pokemon with guns," the primary focus of battles is to raise and train your Pal to become strong and engage in combat with enemy bosses. This aspect shares similarities with Honkai Star Rail, where you can observe the action from behind as the characters engage in automatic combat. However, players can still contribute by providing support through shooting or recalling their Pal to avoid some damage.

Pal Ride System

This game, you can ride your pal. Very cute pal. I given up on the amount of reference in this game. The best way to find out is to play the game yourself. Period.


This is one of the most diverse multiplayer games you can find in the market today. And being able to pat your cute pet; isn't that reason enough for you to consider purchasing the game?


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