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Overwatch to Add New Communication Wheel Voice Lines, Including 'Sorry' and 'Goodbye'

Yesterday, Jeff Kaplan revealed new upcoming features for Overwatch in a 9-minute-long developer update filmed with a smartphone taped to a box.

While 4 of those minutes were spent talking about the COVID pandemic and thanking his team, the other 5 of those minutes revealed some rather juicy updates, including a communications wheel rework.

New command lines include 'attack', 'press the objective', 'fall back', 'sorry', and most hilariously, 'goodbye.'

There will also be a countdown function that can be used in combination with these lines, creating countless possibilities limited only by your imagination.

Commenters haven't hesitated to add in their own suggestions:

Kaplan noted that all these voice lines will be recorded for each of the 32 heroes in the game.

Apart from the comms wheel update, Kaplan revealed that they are also working on improving queue times, most notably with a priority queue for players who affected by an aborted competitive match.

Some quality of life updates include patch notes being built right into the game, instead of having them pop out into a browser window like they do now. The workshop will also gain added functionality, including night mode.

A time-frame for the implementation of these updates has not been disclosed, but at least it's something we can look forward to while waiting for the arrival of Hero 33.


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