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Outriders to Tone Down Trickster and Technomancer, Fix Inventory Wipe Bug

People Can Fly’s Outriders will be receiving changes to its Trickster and Technomancer classes and a solution for an inventory-wiping bug that is plaguing the game, among a host of changes and updates that are in the works for the co-op RPG-shooter.

On the Outriders subreddit, publisher Square Enix announced that while the intention is to have an overpowered feel for the game’s top builds, the Trickster and Technomancer were being toned down in order to have build diversity.

“Late in the demo lifecycle, we discovered a bug with regards to the bullet augmentation abilities damage calculation formula. While we fixed this bug, some unforeseen imbalances were unfortunately introduced, which has led to bullet based abilities vastly outperforming other skills,” SE explained. “The main problem with this is that such bullet based builds require much less investment to make them ‘top tier’, compared to other builds.”

The changes will include an increased base cooldown for the Twisted Rounds skill and a lower power for the Vulnerable status. For the former, SE said that the current power of the skill and short cooldown resulted in “very little risk”. Additionally, the Trickster’s Disruptive Firepower, Scion of Power, and Outrider Executioner Hero Tree nodes have see their power reduced from 50% to 35%, with SE saying that their current capabilities are “vastly outperforming our wildest expectations”, while the Technomancer’s "Damage Against Poison" will have its power halved to 15%.

“It's uncertain as to whether these changes will prove too strong or too weak, so please do consider this to be only the first step, as we will continue monitoring and adjusting them in the future,” said SE.

As for the inventory wipe, SE said that its upcoming patch will result in the chances of the bug appearing being “greatly reduced”, and that a “one-off mass restoration is planned”. Epics and Legendaries will be restored, but blue gear restoration will be “unlikely”. Additionally, the restoration “should be” additive rather than replacing players’ current inventories.

However, the post added that while these are the intended outcomes of the fix, there are no guarantees on the “specifics” and timeline. An exact date has not yet been confirmed, but the fix may roll out some time in the next few weeks.

These were just some of the information that were shared in the Outriders’ update, with SE also posting about a Community Appreciation Package for launch window players and game performance fixes. You can check them out over here.

Outriders was released on April 2. While it currently has fairly good Metacritic scores, the RPG-shooter was a victim of launch issues, which were also addressed on Reddit. Additionally, it was recently reported that players of the Devastator class were being kicked from co-op matches due to their lower damage output.


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