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Outer Wilds Announces Expansion: Echoes of the Eye

Mobius Digital has announced the first and only Outer Wilds’ expansion called Echoes of the Eye. Outer Wilds is a time-looping adventure game launched in 2019. Players take up the role of an astronaut exploring a solar system that’s stuck in a 22-minute time loop and resets when the system goes supernova after the loop ends.

During the Annapurna showcase stream, Alex Beachum from Mobius revealed, “It's going to lead directly into the existing world and narrative. If you've played the game you might be wondering how, and also why, and those are very good questions.”

The trailer of the expansion features a spaceship, a solar system, caves, and what seems to be a solar eclipse. As the Eye is a major location in Outer Wilds, it seems that the expansion will likely be connected to the original game. There is not much else known about Echoes of the Eye.

Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye will be available on PS4, Xbox One, Steam, and Epic Games Store on 28 September.


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