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Oppo Unveils Phone Concept With Rollable Screen

Oppo has unveiled a new phone concept featuring a rollable screen.

Shown during the OPPO INNO DAY 2020 event, the Oppo x 2021 essentially allows its screen to be extended by pulling it out. Arthur C. Clarke’s Third Law says that "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”, and watching the screen extend in the concept video really does feel like witnessing magic to me. Check it out below.

The rollable screen is an OLED display of between 6.7 and 7.4 inches. “Whether its display is retracted or not, the device features a scroll-like freely rollable display, with no “hard folding” involved,” says the YouTube description. “We have developed an innovative multi-layered rigid metal to support the display. The screen includes high-precision sensors that conduct real-time monitoring, enabling it to be positioned precisely, and retract and extend smoothly.”

Oppo’s Inno Day website explains more about this feature, saying that the screen extends by bending and rolling, and that a 2-in-1 Plate provides screen support sans segment gaps. Two support substrates form a single surface by coming together when a user retracts the screen.

In addition, the screen is strengthened by Oppo’s Warp Track laminate, which is 0.1mm at its thinnest area. Oppo claims that the “screen-protecting materials are as tough as tank tracks and do not increase the resilience”.

Oppo also unveiled the OPPO AR Glass 2021 and OPPO CybeReal. The former can connect to the OPPO Find X2 Pro via data cable to make use of its Snapdragon 865. According to Oppo’s press release, the AR Glass 2021 is also almost 75% lighter than its predecessor. It counts a stereo fisheye camera, ToF sensor, and RGB camera among its sensors.

For CybeReal, the AR application has “real-time, spatial calculation technology” for “high-precision localization and scene recognition”. It is also supported by OPPO Cloud.


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