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OPPO Outlines New VOOC Flash Charge Protection Features

OPPO recently outlined its “five-fold safety protection system” for its VOOC Flash Charge technology at the OPPO Flash Charge Open Day.

Under this system, there will be an upgraded fuse design with lower internal resistance and better performance, as well as GaN switches to reduce heat generation. Additionally, OPPO will use a new internal bi-cell design that it says allows for “at least a 5% increase in battery capacity for the same battery size.”

The other two components of the plan are the Battery Safety Detection Chip and Composite Structure Safety Battery. The former uses embedded AI algorithms to detect external damage to batteries via real-time voltage drop recognition, and will issue warnings and “initiate additional safety measures”. Meanwhile, the Composite Structure Safety Battery features a “sandwich” structure involving a “new composite material sandwiched between two aluminium layers”.

According to OPPO, the “sandwich” structure “improves the safety of the battery by protecting it from short circuits caused by external damage. It says that its internal tests saw the new battery passing puncture and collision tests with a perfect success rate.

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