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OPPO Announces New 150W and 240W SuperVOOC Charging

Alongside the Reno7 Z, OPPO has announced the 150W SuperVOOC flash charge, 240W SuperVOOC flash charge, and the OPPO 5G CPE T2.

OPPO's latest SuperVOOC technology enables charging from 0% to maximum capacity in just under half an hour. The 150W charger with Battery Health Engine can double a smartphone's battery lifespan while the 240W charger is capable of juicing up a 4500mAh battery in just 9 minutes.

First introduced during MWC 2022, the OPPO 5G CPE T2 is a small, portable cylindrical device, which features a powerful, all-round 5G connectivity. It works by converting mobile network signals, like 4G and 5G, into Wi-Fi or LAN networks that can be connected by multiple devices. Users simply need to insert a 5G SIM card and they'll be able to connect several devices. The device is expected to be available in H2 2022.


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