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Operation Broken Fang Adds Retakes and More to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has received a new operation in the form of Operation Broken Fang, which adds the Retakes mode among other new content.

In Retakes, players pick a loadout card at the start of the round and battle to retake or defend the bomb site. Another mode, Broken Fang Premier, offers “5v5 Competitive matchmaking with map picks and bans prior to match start”. While Retakes is available for everyone during the operation, Broken Fang Premier will be exclusive to Operation Pass holders.

Aside from these two modes, Operation Broken Fang also brings in seven maps and weekly missions that earn you stars. The stars can be used to redeem rewards like a new weapon case, three new weapon collections, and stickers. There will also be Agents from SWAT and The Professionals to unlock.

In addition, there will also be an Operation stats page that automatically tracks stats ranging from map win rates and weapon performance to score ratios and number of matches played.

For more information, you can head over to the Operation Broken Fang website here.


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