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OnePlus' "Foldable Teaser" Is Actually Just A Promotion

When OnePlus decided to drop a teaser of what seems to be a foldable phone on its Twitter and Instagram, everyone was curious about what the announcement could be as it's scheduled on the same time and date as the Galaxy Unpacked event last night.

It turns out the teaser is just a promotion of announcing the OnePlus 9 at a 50% discount tied to a mobile carrier. OnePlus took to its social media account to post another video, revealing the "foldable phone" is actually two side-by-side OnePlus 9 smartphones. Along with the video, the company wrote a caption that reads: "Half off. Literally. Get the OnePlus 9 for 50% off."

That's right. OnePlus trolled everyone looking like it was going to challenge Samsung with its own foldable but eventually, it's all just a joke! Anyway, you can find the OnePlus 9 sale here.


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