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Oclean X: The World's First Smart Toothbrush with a Colour Touchscreen

...but do we really need a touch screen on our toothbrush though?

The Oclean X smart ultrasonic electric toothbrush claims to be the world's first smart toothbrush that features a colour touchscreen. If the name sounds unfamiliar, perhaps you'd feel more assured to find out that the Oclean X is part of the Xiaomi smart product ecosystem, although it does not bear the branding on the product itself.

You can connect it to your phone via Bluetooth and select one of 20+ brushing schemes to suit your personal cleaning requirements and dental condition. If you have crowns, dentures, sensitive or loose teeth, you can rest assured that your teeth will be well taken care of by the Oclean X's AI lower-frequency tooth protection mode.

If you're not particularly meticulous about your brushing, the Oclean X features a built-in 6 axis gyroscope that can identify and monitor 8 areas in the oral cavity, reminding you of areas that you've missed out on via the touchscreen and the phone app. It will also display your overall brushing score, so you'd better work hard on brushing!

Speaking of working hard, you don't have to worry about this electric toothbrush being insufficiently powerful - it boasts a torsion force of 220gf/cm, ensuring that plaque and stains are effectively removed. It has 32 levels of intensity, and can intelligently detect if you're overbrushing, reducing brush speed and frequency as a result.

In terms of durability, the Oclean X is equipped with a low-noise magnetic suspension brushless motor that boasts 10 times the life of ordinary motors. On a full charge, its 800mAh battery can last a month of use, and can be easily recharged with a 2-in-1 base that acts as both a charger and holder.

If the idea of a smart toothbrush intrigues you, the Oclean X retails at a reasonable price of RM159 on Lazada, with an additional RM10 off if you claim this voucher and purchase the Oclean X on 10 October 2020.

For more info, you may also visit MC Mart's Facebook page and the official Xiaomi Lazada store. Do note that the latter will be having a storewide sale on 10.10 with up to 50% off, so don't miss out!


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