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Now You Can Play Your Favourite Game Boy Titles in Glorious HD

Originally an April Fool's Joke, the RetroN Jr. has become a reality thanks to Hyperkin. Touted as a way to play your favourite classic Nintendo titles on a HD TV, the RetroN Jr. is compatible with Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advanced cartridges.

Image credit: Gizmodo

The tiny cube-like device allows you to insert your favourite game cartridge through a slot on top, and then reproduces the game in full 720p glory on your TV, thanks to the power of emulation.

In a nice twist, the Retron Jr. also supports composite video connections, allowing you to hook it up to a CRT TV for the full retro experience. External power is required, but thankfully Hyperkin has included a USB-C port (no more micro-USB, please) so you can simply use whatever USB-C cable you have lying around.

Image credit: Gizmodo

Other ports include a HDMI port to hook it up to your modern TV, a 3.5mm jack, and a USB port to plug in a Bluetooth adapter if you're not a fan of wired headphones.

It will ship with a matching controller, but Hyperkin has not decided if it will be wired or wireless yet.

Image credit: Gizmodo

Price and availability are still unknown, but the RetroN Jr. should ship sometime this year.


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