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Nothing Ear (1) Stick shows up at London Fashion Week

Nothing Ear (1) cylindrical-shaped charging case design surfaced.

These appeared in the runway presentation by Chet Lo and were known as the Nothing Ear (1) Stick. The case has received a complete redesign, it is now lipstick-shaped and will be easier to carry in a pocket than the slab-style version. Nothing in the design assures that the case will fit comfortably in your pocket. The charging cover for the Ear stick will also be transparent like other Nothing products.

The Ear Stick is the "latest development in its line of audio products," according to the company. The earphones could replace or be placed above the Ear 1 and will have a lightweight, ergonomic design. Additionally, if the earbuds are less expensive, they might not have ANC or other desirable features like wireless charging.

However, Nothing is keeping the specifics of the new TWS buds a secret since this was only a teaser. In fact, the only view we get of the buds comes through the transparent elements of their housing.


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