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Nintendo has launches its Nintendo Pictures animation studio

Nintendo Pictures is previously known as Dynamo Pictures

Nintendo has officially launched Nintendo Pictures, a new owned subsidiary that mainly focuses on the development of visual content for Nintendo IP. The Nintendo Pictures Official website is currently live now as reported by GoNintendo.

Besides, not much is available on the site other than general information about the company and a message translated via Google Translate:

"We aim to have consumers around the world learn about Nintendo characters through video, and to create unique videos that will remain in their memories forever."

"To that end, each and every one of our employees will always think about what our customers around the world will find interesting, and we will work hard to create an organisation that can continue to grow by engaging in video production with interest."

It's not Nintendo's first attempt into other sectors; the company just launched the Japan branch of the Super Nintendo World theme park, and further locations are scheduled to open in 2023. Although it is too soon to tell whether these efforts will boost video game sales, given how well-known Mario and his friends are, it is possible.


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