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Niantic Disables Pokémon Go's Pokéstop and Gym Contributions Due to 'Overwhelming Response'

Back in October, Niantic announced a brand-new feature called Wayfarer, which was intended to help enhance the Pokémon Go experience by allowing qualified trainers to curate new Pokéstop and Gym locations. Well, it was rolled out just a few days ago but has already been disabled due to the overwhelming response from the PokéGo community.

For those who are unfamiliar with how Wayfarer works, it basically allows Level 40 players to submit and vote upon new points-of-interest which may eventually be converted into a new Gym or Pokéstop. This serves to encourage the community to explore places that have historical significance, such as museums and art installations - and keep them off private areas such as kindergartens or your grumpy aunt's front lawn.

Whether the overwhelming submissions were contributed by community members eager to help newcomers explore their home turf, or overzealous aunties spam voting their favourite air-conditioned cafe in the mall so they can spin Pokéstops while sipping coffee in absolute comfort, we'll never know.

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