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NFT Game Console Announced And Nobody Likes It

The first “NFT game console” is set to release in 2024, but many people are already pointing out many issues.

The Polium One, developed by the Web3 company Polium is a console that can “run high-performance games”. So far, no games were announced for the console.

The company said that those interested in getting their hands on the console with an expected release window of Q3 2024 have to buy a “Polium Pass”, an NFT on the Ethereum network.

While many gamers were upset with the idea of NFT mixing with video games, there was also an issue with the Polium One logo, which looks similar to the Nintendo GameCube logo.

Polium commented on the backlash and said that multiple companies used a similar logo and that it wasn’t their intention to copy the GameCube logo.


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