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Next@Acer 2022: Acer announces New Laptops, Sustainability Initiative and 3D Screens

Last night, Acer held its next@Acer event. Unveiling the products that will be launching later on this year. A majority of their event was dedicated to how Acer would continue with their sustainability efforts by using post-consumer and ocean-bound plastics in their laptops and peripherals. As well as creating reusable and fully recyclable packaging which they even gave one cute example of reusing the box as a cat bed. Several new laptops and monitors for gamers, creatives and business users were shown off and then they capped it all off by dedicating the remaining time to their new 3D viewing initiative, SpatialLabs.

Aspire Vero

Starting off with their new line-up of Acer Aspire Vero laptops which come in either 14-inch or 15-inch models. A narrow border display for more working space as well as chassis and components made of post-consumer and ocean-bound plastic. Running on Windows 11 and the 12th Gen Intel Evo processor for the power and battery life to tackle everyday tasks.

Veriton AIO PC

Following that is the Veriton AIO PC, an all-in-one system where the system is built into the monitor and comes with a keyboard and mouse. The Veriton Vero comes with the latest 12th Gen Intel Core i9 processor, discrete NVIDIA GeForce MX550 GPU and up to 64GB of dual-channel DDR4 3200MHz memory. The monitor itself is a 24-inch Full HD IPS display which can be VESA mounted to a wall to save space.

VERO Monitors

To continue with the eco-friendly theme, Acer also introduced two new Vero IPS monitors, the 27-inch FHD Acer CB23 and the 23.8-inch FHD Acer B247Y G, built with the same goal of using PCR and ocean bound plastics.

Predator Helios 300 SpatialLabs Edition

A new model of their Predator Helios 300 line of laptops, dubbed the Predator Helios 300 SpatialLabs Edition, was introduced as well. This new version comes with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card, 12th Gen Intel Core i9 CPU, up to 32GB of DDR5 RAM, Windows 11, and can be configured with multiple M.2 SSD cards. The 15-inch display has 4K resolution in regular use but drops the resolution by half for each eye in 3D mode. The frame rate will also be capped at 60fps at that resolution to prevent screen-tearing if it drops below that.

Powered by an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card, 12th Gen Intel Core i9 CPU, up to 32GB of DDR5 Ram, Windows 11 and multiple M.2 SSD card slots. Heating dissipation is handled by the 5th generation Acer AeroBlade cooling fan and liquid metal thermal paste for the CPU. Currently, about 50 titles are on track to support the 3D viewing mode with more coming on the way.

Chromebooks, Swift 3, TravelMates and ConceptD 5s

Two new Chromebook laptops, Acer Chromebook Spin 714 and the Acer Chromebook Enterprise Spin 714, were introduced. The Spin 714 features a 12th Gen Intel Core processor, durable design, and fast-charging, dockable USI stylus to take advantage of the 14-inch 16:10 WQXGA (2560x1600) or WUXGA (1920x1200) displays. The Acer Chromebook Tab 510 is an ultra-durable tablet powered by the Snapdragon ® 7c Gen 2 Compute Platform that conveniently lets customers stay productive on the go with the protection of military-grade durability and optional LTE.

We are then introduced to the new Acer Swift 3 OLED. Featuring a 14-inch 16:10 WQXGA+ (2.8K) OLED screen capable of producing up to 100% of the DCI-P3 color gamut for incredible detail, color volume, and contrast that's perfect for entertainment as well as everyday work. The Swift 3 is also Intel Evo verified for all-day battery life so that you can work worry-free.

The TravelMate series of laptops aren’t left out as well as Acer announced the TravelMate P4, TravelMate Spin P4 and TravelMate P2 laptops. Suitable for small and medium business owners. These laptops are designed to take a beating and keep running as well as last long hours when you’re away from the office.

The last couple of laptops announced at the event were the Concept D 5 line of laptops, the ConceptD 5 and ConceptD 5 Pro. These laptops are designed and optimized for graphic designers, filmmakers, engineers, and other creators.

SpatialLabs View

Lastly, Acer ended the event with a short presentation on their new SpatialLabs 3D technology. In short, it’s meant to integrate stereoscopic 3D capabilities into their SpatialLabs View line of monitors and the new Predator Helios 300 SpatialLabs Edition laptop. Using a pair of eye-tracking sensors to track and adjust the image on screen to create a stereoscopic 3D effect without the need of 3D glasses or VR headsets. It’s a similar idea last seen on Nintendo’s New 3DS but this time we have it on a PC with much higher resolutions.

The SpatialLabs View monitors, SpatialLabs View and SpatialLabs View Pro, are a line of portable monitors that have integrated batteries that last 5 hours on a full charge. These portable monitors allow creatives to pick up their work and view them from different angles.

They are also compatible with Maya and Blender as well as Datasmith file formats to support 3D creation softwares. Acer will also be working with Sketchfab to provide access to almost 1 million 3D assets.

What do you guys think about all the Acer announcements during their live stream? Will you be picking up the new SpatialLabs monitors to see things in 3D? Let us know in our comments.


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