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New Pokemon Song "Celestial" MV by Ed Sheeran

The Celestial music video features anime Ed Sheeran

Just a month before the release of Pokemon Violet and Scarlet, the hype and promotions for the game are stronger than ever. The most important release was the new Pokemon song "Celestial" by Ed Sheeran.

The official music video has Japanese subtitles so that Japanese fans can understand the meaningful lyrics. The video was released on Ed Sheeran's official YouTube last week and already has 7.2 million views on YouTube.

The "Celestial" music video features various Pokemon being a part of Ed Sheeran's daily routine. Judging by all the Pokemon trinkets in his house, it's clear that he is an adult fan of the series, and the story is his daydream about what his life would be if Pokemon was real.

To summarize, "Celestial" is a story about Pokemon fans who still remember the good times from playing on Gameboy Color, yet enjoy the newer Pokemon. The MV feels both nostalgic and modern at the same time, this may be just the kind of excitement that is required for veteran series fans to become excited about the new game.

source: GAMERANT


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