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New Pokémon Scarlet & Violet trailer features the new Electric Gym Leader, Iono

More like a Pokémon Vtuber Livestream

Pokémon has uploaded a new video of a new Electric Gym Leader of the Paldea region called Iono, which will be featured in the Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. She is a streamer and influencer. The video plays out as if it were a standard live stream known as Iono Zone. Iono plays a game that asks her audience to guess her partner Pokemon in the live stream.

She answers several chat questions, but no one can guess who her companion Pokémon is, and just as she's about to announce it, she cheekily reminds us that we'll have to tune in next time. Some fans joked that she is even skilled at "click-baiting."

Besides, Iono does give out some clues about her partner Pokémon:

  • It feels Squishy

  • It's not Magnemite

  • It's a little sluggish with an easygoing vibe

  • It's got two big bumps that have always been mistaken for eyes

  • It's an Electric-type and generates electricity in its belly

  • It's so cute

So far, these hints point to an evolution to Pawmi or an earlier member of the Pikachu-clone family. Given what she says about the noggin bumps being mistaken for eyes, she and her companion may share a silhouette and/or color scheme.


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