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New Mafia Game In Development

A new Mafia game is already in development, according to a studio executive.

Hanger 13, a subsidiary of 2K Games based in California, confirmed the news when their General Manager Roman Hladík said in an interview commemorating the 20th anniversary of the franchise.

He described the project as an “all-new” endeavour based on “new stories” but didn’t reveal an official title. Hladík confirmed that the game is still “a few years away”, so we shouldn’t expect a reveal trailer of it anytime soon.

Despite the announcement of a new game, it was only a few months ago that Hanger 13 was hit with major layoffs, cutting its California division by around 60%. While the studio has multiple divisions around the world, they aren’t entirely focused on the Mafia franchise and mainly work on other projects under their publisher, Take-Two Interactive.

Given the current state of the company, we can only hope that Hanger 13 can make the next Mafia game without any major issues.


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