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Netflix Reportedly to Offer Video Games Service

Netflix might be making its big move beyond its film and TV show platform as the production company is reportedly planning to expand into the video games industry. The company has hired former Electronic Arts Inc executive Mike Verdu, who was previously the Vice President of Facebook in charge of working with developers for the Oculus Rift, Quest and Go. He was also the head of EA Mobile and had worked on popular mobile games including The Sims, Plants vs. Zombies, and Star Wars franchises.

Verdu will join Netflix as Vice President of Game Development, reporting to Chief Operating Officer Greg Peters. Netflix will build its gaming team in the coming months and is allegedly set to offer games for streaming within the next year. Instead of a separate platform, the upcoming video games will be available on the current platform in its own category. Netflix doesn’t plan to charge extra for game access but it’s unclear if the additional content will lead to a price hike in future subscriptions.

Netflix has been looking for ways to keep growing especially in more saturated markets like the US. While the company is ahead of its streaming rivals such as Disney+ or HBO Max, Netflix has had fewer subscriptions than expected in the most recent quarter. Adding video games will give Netflix another way to attract new customers.

That said, Netflix has yet to release an official statement or news regarding its new strategy, so stay tuned for more details on future updates.


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