MSI to Debut 500 Series Motherboards on 27 January

MSI will be debuting their new 500 series motherboards on 27 January. The motherboards will feature Lightning Gen 4 PCIe support with up to 64Gbps bandwidth, as well as Wi-Fi 6E.

The Z590 motherboards also boast improved audio with Audio Boost 5 and Sound Tune.

The MEG series motherboards feature elegant designs and powerful performance. The MEG Z590 Godlike has 10G Super LAN, Audio Boost 5 HD, a stacked fin array and the Frozr Heatsink design. Meanwhile, both the MEG Z590 Godlike and MEG Z590I Unify feature aluminium backplates for better heat dissipation.

The popular MPG series motherboards, including the MPG Z590 Gaming Carbon Wi-Fi, MPG Z590 Gaming Force, MPG Z590 Gaming Edge Wi-Fi and MPG Z590 Gaming Plus, all feature the M.2 Shield Frozr and K7 thermal pad to sustain performance.

The MAG series motherboards offer a pop of colour for those who enjoy colour-themed setups. The MAG Z590 Torpedo and MAG B560 Torpedo are pacific blue, while the MAG B560M Bazooka is midnight green, keeping in with the "MAG" theme, which stands for MSI Arsenal Gaming.

For business and daily use, the Z590-A Pro and Z590 Pro Wi-Fi motherboards are matte black with an extended heatsink design plus M.2 Shield Frozr to maintain thermals. Most Pro series motherboards, including the Z590, B560, and H510, will feature Frozr AI Cooling, which automatically detects and adjusts fan speed to optimise cooling.

For the full list of MSI 500 series motherboards, you may check out the livestream here.

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