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MSI Collabs with Evangelion Esports Brand on an EVA-01-themed Desktop PC

I don’t think many of us who watched Neon Genesis Evangelion in the mid-90s would ever dream that the franchise would not only have an esports team but a desktop built around it as well.

EVANGELION e:PROJECT is an esports brand that makes use of the design sensibilities seen in the Evangelion anime and incorporates them into gaming devices and PC peripherals. This collaboration with MSI will be the first project that they’ve undertaken.

Inspired by the original “EVA-01 TEST TYPE”, the desktop is adorned with the striking purple and neon green of its namesake into 4 products, the motherboard, AIO liquid cooler, power supply and PC case.

As you can see for yourself, MSI and EVANGELION e:PROJECT spared no expense in making the hardware as reminiscent of Shinji’s infamous robot as possible. Unfortunately, there's no news on when these PC components will be released onto the market but we'll let you all know when we do.


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