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MLBB 2020 Singapore Charity Showmatch Raises Over SGD 20,000

The MLBB 2020 Singapore Charity Showmatch announced that it has raised over SGD 20,000 (~RM61,065) for charity.

Moonton had made a pledge to Club Rainbow, a non-profit that helped organize the event, based on the event’s peak concurrent users. The event hit up to 7,900 PCU, resulting in Club Rainbow receiving SGD21,800 (~RM66,556.21).

The showmatch began on December 16 and ended on December 22. The participants included YouTubers JianHao Tan and Aiman from Night Owl Cinematics and Singaporean pro teams like RSG and Kingsmen. RSG and Kingsmen faced off at the start in two Best of Three series, while the celebrity showmatch saw Team JianHao and Team Aiman, who EGG Network reported had donated SGD3,000 each prior to the showmatch, battling against each other.

RSG took the win in the first series with a 2-1 score while the second series went to Kingsmen with a 2-0 score. For the celebrity showmatch, which included matches like “Mysterious Fun Match” where a random choice is given to team leaders, Team Aiman took the win with a 3-1 score.

For other events, MLBB is set to host the offline M2 World Championship in Singapore in January 2021. January 2021 will also be its first Esports Month, with in-game events and reward giveaways in store.


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