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miHoYo Romance Detective Game Tears of Themis Releases This Summer

A new miHoYo game involving romance, detectives, and romance with four male characters is set to release in Summer 2021 for Android and iOS.

The free-to-play Tears of Themis is described as a romance detective game set in Stellis City. As a new attorney at Themis Law Firm, players have to “work hand-in-hand with their destined lover to investigate bizarre cases”. This means conducting crime scene investigations and interrogating suspects, before heading off to the courtroom to deliver justice. The game promises a “sinister conspiracy” and the blurring of “the line between good and evil” as you progress.

Since it’s also a romance game, you can take a break from your crime-solving duties to “cultivate relationships with four male protagonists through video chats, calls, and character-specific stories”. The guys are “Private detective Luke Pearce, top attorney Artem Wing, psychiatrist Vyn Richter, and corporate successor Marius von Hagen,” all of whom are involved in the investigation.

Pre-registration for Tears of Themis has kicked off, and a Draw x10 reward will be unlocked when 500,000 players have pre-registered. There’s also a free SR Card draw event going on on the game’s website. The game will support English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, while the voices will be in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean. Anime fans might be interested to know that the Japanese voice actors include Yuki Kaji (Luke), Junichi Suwabe (Artem), Kaito Ishikawa (Marius), and Jun Fukuyama (Vyn).


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