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Microsoft states that Sony will launch its PS5 Slim for $399.99 later this year

During the legal trial of Federal Trade Commision (FTC) vs Microsoft, it seems that Microsoft is expecting that Sony will launch its PS5 Slim console later this year according to a court documents.

The Microsoft vs FTC court document reads:

PlayStation likewise sells a less expensive Digital Edition for $399.99, and is expected to release a PlayStation 5 Slim later this year at the same reduced price point.

Besides that, Microsoft also claims that Sony will release the handheld console of PS5 that is referring to be the Project Q. The Project Q is the upcoming remote-play device from Sony which requires Wi-Fi connection to stream games from their PS5 console.

As reportedly, the Project Q will feature a 8 inch 1080P display and 60fps and a DualSense controller layout with both adaptive triggers and haptic feedback supported. Though, you can only play games that are available on your own PS5 console itself with the Project Q.

Anyway, what do you think about the prediction that Microsoft made about the price and release window for the PS5 Slim?


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