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Microsoft Is Selling Ugly Minesweeper Christmas Sweater

When the Christmas season is here, Microsoft is known for adding some fun every year with the release of an ugly holiday sweater every December. This year, the company launched one featuring a Minesweeper theme.

On the front, a Christmas tree is erected using the Windows game's interface. There are also mines mimicking snowflakes and other elements of the game spread across the sweater. "When it comes to holiday sweater parties, there's only one strategically sound move: this old-school Minesweeper sweater," the product listing reads.

Microsoft is selling the Minesweeper ugly sweater on the Xbox Gear Shop for US$74.99 (~RM315) and will donate US$100,000 (~RM420,450) to AbleGamers, an organisation for gamers with disabilities. The sweater is available in sizes from small to XXXL.

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