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Microsoft Edge to Get New Toolbar for Collections

Microsoft Edge is receiving a new toolbar that will provide instant access to Collections.

As reported by Windows Latest, the new UI provides a pop-up menu for the Collections page. The menu will display the collections in a classic tree view, and allows users to add webpages to collections, organize them into folders, add notes, and such through it. The new pop-up menu won’t result in the removal of the current Collections though, with users being able to swap to the old menu via the pin icon.

Image source: Windows Latest

The new pop-up menu feature was previously previewed in October 14 for Favourites and in November 17 for History (at the time of writing, I only have the pop-up feature for Favourites), making Collections the latest to receive the update. In the October 14 blog post, Microsoft described the update as “a new interaction model that we hope will save you time and keep you in the context of what you’re doing. In the coming months, you’ll see other content types adopt this model as well, including downloads, history, and more”.

Windows Latest says that the new menu is currently limited to selected insiders, although it anticipates that Dev and Canary channels will get access to it in January.


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