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Microsoft Edge Overtakes Firefox, Becomes Second Most Popular Browser After Chrome

It seems the long-running joke of Microsoft being the browser of choice to download Google Chrome is finally winding down.

According to, Microsoft Edge has finally gotten the edge over its closest competitor, Mozilla Firefox. Microsoft's newest Chromium-based browser now stands at 7.59% of market share, edging slightly ahead of Firefox's 7.19%.

The current standings of the top 5 browsers are as follows:

  • Chrome - 68.50%

  • Edge - 7.59%

  • Firefox - 7.19%

  • Internet Explorer 11 - 5.60%

  • Safari - 3.62%

You can find the full breakdown here.

While Edge's market share is still a far cry from Chrome's dominant 68.50%, the fact that it is slowly creeping up the preference chart despite being relatively new is a promising sign.

However, only time will tell if the memes will finally come to an end.


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