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Microsoft Acquires RiskIQ to Strengthen Cybersecurity

Microsoft has agreed to buy RiskIQ, a cybersecurity firm known for global threat intelligence and attack surface management to identify and eliminate their vulnerabilities in online attacks.

Yesterday, the company announced the deal but did not disclose any terms of the acquisition. According to Bloomberg, Microsoft agreed to pay approximately US$500 million (~RM2.1 billion) in cash. RiskIQ is known for its annual report on security called the “Evil Internet Minute” that details the malicious activities that transpire across the world every 60 seconds.

RiskIQ makes cloud software for detecting security threats, as well as helps its clients to understand where and how they can be attacked on complex webs of corporate networks and devices. Its clients include Facebook Inc., BMW AG, American Express Co. and the U.S. Postal Service.

After the SolarWinds hackers breached Microsoft’s source code last year, the tech company has purchased several companies to strengthen its securities. It was only last month when Microsoft bought ReFirm Labs, a company that specializes in IoT resilience.


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