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Metro: Last Light Redux and For The King Free on Epic Games Store

This week, the Epic Games Store has not one, but two free games to give away.

The first is For The King, an RPG with chibi characters that blends strategy, turn-based tactics, and roguelike elements. Playable in single player or co-op, the game has dice-roll inspired combat and procedural maps, quests, and events. All of the games’ expansions, like Dungeon Crawl and Gold Rush Un-Cooperative Mode, are included.

The second, which wasn't revealed until now, is Metro: Last Light Redux, a remastered version of the midquel in the post-apocalyptic survival horror stealth-shooter Metro series. The game follows the Ranger Artyom as he sets off in search for a surviving Dark One, who were thought to be killed off in the first game. The Redux version includes the originally pre-order-only hardcore Ranger Mode and the game’s DLCs.

I didn't play For The King, but the campaign for Last Light is still something that sticks in mind, thanks to its amazing atmosphere. The boss fights weren't great, but sneaking in the shadows to stealthily pick off human enemies, wiping my gas mask periodically, and the sight of post-apocalyptic Moscow resulted in a pretty memorable linear shooter experience.

Anyway, you can grab this week’s freebies here and here. Next week, EGS is giving away Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition, a “retro space strategy RPG”.


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