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Maxis Programmable Network (MPN) Offers Bandwidth on Demand

Maxis has launched the Maxis Programmable Network (MPN), Malaysia's first programmable software-defined network.

The 5G-ready enterprise-grade network offers Bandwidth on Demand, which will allow users to upgrade bandwidth in real-time with flexible subscriptions as short as a day. This way, companies can save costs by upgrading the bandwidth only when and as long as needed.

This feature can be easily accessed by just logging into or registering with Maxis Business Hub.

“With the Maxis Programmable Network, we are essentially making it easier for businesses to balance their costs and performance by having the peace of mind of greater agility and control. Through our new Bandwidth on Demand feature, customers can get bandwidth they need instantly and pay only for what they need – it’s as simple as that. The MPN is a timely launch as businesses have to respond and adapt quickly to a rapidly evolving digital landscape, while ensuring cost efficiency.”

- Paul McManus, Chief Enterprise Business Officer, Maxis

Real-time Bandwidth on Demand is available with six fixed enterprise broadband services: Dedicated Internet Access, Managed SD-WAN, Cloud Connect, Multi-Protocol Label Switching VPN, Data Centre Connect, and Domestic Private Leased Circuit.

According to Maxis, this is what MPN can bring to the table for businesses:

  1. It offers Enterprise-grade performance, thanks to its MEF 3.0 certified infrastructure, the international gold-standard for ethernet services.

  2. It offers real-time bandwidth on demand, which enables businesses to get the bandwidth they need instantly and pay only for what they need.

  3. It has deep integration with cloud providers to enable businesses to scale their infrastructure with ease throughout their cloud lifecycles.

To find out more about the Maxis Programmable Network, you may visit the official landing page here.


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