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Maxis Announces New Maxis Family Plan from RM299 a Month

Maxis has announced a new Maxis Family Plan that starts from RM299 a month.

The plan, which requires a 24-month contract, offers unlimited data for four mobile phone lines and home broadband, with a 30Mbps speed for the latter. A 800Mbps speed upgrade is available.

Maxis is also offering a Samsung 65” TV from RM1 a month as its TV Zerolution feature (the website says that the TV offer is a special Raya offer) and up to four devices including phones, tablets, and smartwatches via Maxis Zerolution at RM19 per mobile line.

“Our insights have shown that families in Malaysia are using more data and there is a demand for a seamless digital experience for children, spouses and even the elderly living at home,” said Head of Maxis Consumer Arjun Varma in a press release. “With the Maxis Family Plan, we want each one of them to have unlimited high-speed data at a very affordable value per line along with high-speed broadband and also access to latest smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.”

You can check out the plan’s features below, or see what the website has to say here.


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