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Man claims ChatGPT saved his dog's life after AI accurately diagnose the problem that vets couldn't

A Twitter user Cooper claimed that the ChatGPT-4 has saved his dog with a tick-borne disease by diagnosing the blood conditions that veterinarians are unable to identify.

Cooper tweeted that his dog Sassy was diagnosed with a tick-borne disease, and the vets started her on the proper treatment and told him to come back if the dog became sicker. He bought Sassy back to the vet after its health got worse but the vets are unable to provide further diagnosis and advised him to wait and see how the dog's condition progressed.

In the meantime, Cooper decided to ask for the opinion of ChatGPT AI and described the dog's blood test results and symptoms in detail to ask for a diagnosis.

As a result, the AI suggested that the dog's blood test results and symptoms could indicate immune-mediated hemolytic anemia (IMHA). After obtaining the diagnosis from AI, Cooper brings the results and reached the second vet to ask for another blood test for Sassy.

After the blood test, it turns out the AI diagnosis was accurate, and the vet quickly gave proper treatment to the dog. Cooper said that Sassy has been making a full recovery thanks to the quick diagnosis from the AI.


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