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Malaysian game "Malice" will be released on 3 November 2022 on Steam

Just like the Japanese horror movie.

"Malice" is a horror game that requires two players to work together to solve puzzles and mysteries. The game sets in the Edo period in Japan. Players will take on the role of travelers who go to Japan for sightseeing. Unfortunately, they both fall into a mysterious dimension full of unknowns.

While there is something that is waiting for them in the ancient houses, lurking in the dark. The two players will have to cooperate with each other to solve the puzzles with their wisdom and dig out the truth about this place.

The countdown timer on the "Malice" official website shows the game's confirmed launch date as it falls on 3rd November 2022 in Malaysia.

While waiting for the game to be released yet, you can now add it to your wishlist on Steam so that you wouldn't miss out on the game.


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