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Malaysia Esports Awards 2023 Winners

The inaugural Malaysia Esports Awards, a groundbreaking event dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the valuable contributions of individuals within the vibrant esports community of Malaysia, is set to take place.

This momentous occasion will feature the presentation of 16 prestigious awards, highlighting the outstanding achievements and efforts of 65 nominees who have significantly impacted the esports landscape in the country. It stands as a testament to the growing importance of esports and its dedicated contributors in Malaysia.

The winners in all 16 categories at the awards ceremony held last Saturday evening are as follows!

Esports Media of the Year - MyGameOn

Esports Academy of the Year - TARUMT Esports Academy

Esports Host of the Year - TashBunny

Caster of the Year (Bahasa) - OnTheGo

Caster of the Year (English) - SirCloud

Sports Game Player of the Year - AkmalJHD

Racing Game Player of the Year - Naquib Azlan

Fighting Games Player of the Year - IAmChuan

Battle Royale Player of the Year - UHigh

MOBA Player of the Year - NothingToSay

FPS Player of the Year - D4v4i

Esports Team of the Year - Yoodo Alliance

Esports Organization of the Year - HomeBois

Player of the Year (Male) - NothingToSay

Player of the Year (Female) - GFI

MVP of the Year - NothingToSay

And there you have it, NothingToSay secures three medals, being one of the top three players in Dota 2's premier tournament, TI 2023. This achievement seems to blaze more of the heart of Malaysian surpasses even Valorant Masters Finalist D4v41.


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