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Madness and Mayhem: What’s Borderlands 3 All About?

Rejoice! After nearly 7 years, we finally get a sequel to the Borderlands story, picking off after *ahem*


Sanctuary was destroyed while the Vault Hunters were fending off Colonel Hector and his plant-based, organic goons in the new Commander Lilith DLC.

For the uninitiated, Borderlands is a series developed by Gearbox Software - the makers of Battleborn and the Brothers in Arms series. Borderlands 3 is the 4th game of the Borderlands series after the prequel titled ‘The Pre-Sequel”.

Classified as a loot and shoot, the core mechanics of Borderlands are heavily centred not just around the abilities of your characters, but also the BAZILLION guns you can pry from the cold, gnarled fingers of your enemies.

This entry follows the Vault Hunters and Crimson Raiders as they face a new cult called ‘The Children of the Vault’, led by the mysterious Calypso Twins.

New Vault Hunters

Speaking of Vault Hunters, Borderlands 3 introduces 4 new Vault Hunters for players to choose from, with more abilities and skills than ever before.

Amara the Siren One of the 6 Sirens in the galaxy, Amara manifests her Siren powers in the form of huge Ethereal fists, dishing out major damage on the battlefield.

FL4K the Beastmaster A mysterious robotic entity and the Alpha of his pack; consisting of a Spiderant, a Skag, and a Jabber. A literal one-man army.

Moze the Gunner Once a member of the now defunct Vladof army, Moze is an experienced soldier capable of digistructing an Iron Bear mech that can be customized with 3 different types of weapons (a Railgun, a V-35 Grenade Launcher, and a Minigun).

Zane the Operative The tech geek of the lot, equipped with an entire arsenal of gadgets as well as the ability to Digi-Clone himself to inflict mass confusion among his foes.

New Features Sanctuary (the Vault Hunter HQ, once situated on the planet Pandora) is now a huge spaceship travelling the stars, and the Vault Hunters can now set their sights on 3 new planets with undiscovered Vaults: Promethea, Eden-6, and Athenas.

A new Elemental Damage type which replaces Slag makes its debut, called Radiation (which doesn’t sound healthy), as well as 2 new weapon manufacturers; namely COV (replacing Bandit) and Atlas (which was present in the first Borderlands).

Borderlands 3 also introduces a ping system, new mobility improvements (allowing players to slide and climb), as well as loot and level scaling modes so you don’t have to worry about playing with higher levelled friends nor having to deal with people who just LOOOVE to yoink your loot.

NEW LOOT It wouldn’t be a proper Borderlands game without MOAR LOOT, and if you love guns that go from the contemporary, to the exotic, to outright crazy (there is literally a gun in this game that shoots out more guns), then Borderlands 3 is right up your alley.

It is stated to contain 1 billion guns; there are guns with alternate fire modes you can switch between, smart guns that track enemies (so y’all with sucky aim can at least hit something for once), and even GUNS WITH LEGS.

Verdict I, for one, have been a fan of the game since its second entry and have always theorized that we’ll get to loot the galaxy in a sequel someday (here we are). As it stands, Borderlands 3 is chock-full of content even without the inevitable DLCs and I just can’t wait to dig into all the nooks and crannies, the rare enemy spawns, and the extensive lore.

For now, you can only get this game on the PC from the Epic Store, and there it will stay for at least 6 months (pfft, exclusivity deals) so if you don’t mind the change of UI, Borderlands 3 is yours for about RM189 (USD $45).

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