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Looking for a Tough Phone with a Removable Battery? Check Out the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro

Tired of your phone dying from random drops down the stairs? Or perhaps you're tired of your battery dying after you've left your charger at home? The Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro solves both these problems with a military-grade drop-resistant chassis and a sizeable 4,050mAh removable battery, along with other minor features that make it perfect for outdoorsy or otherwise clumsy people.

Theoretically, you could climb up a mountain while livestreaming, then drop your phone into a ravine*, get caught in a thunderstorm** and create 27 instastories about your close call with death without your phone smashing into smithereens or running out of battery - and even if it did, you can just swap it out with a spare.

*if the ravine is 1.5 meters or less **it has IP68 dust and water-resistance yay

Apart from that, it also plays well with gloved or wet hands, and has 2 programmable buttons in case you don't want to fiddle with the display.

The other specs are decent but not amazing:

  • 6.3" 1080p LCD display

  • Exinos 9611 2GHz octa-core chip

  • 4GB RAM + 64GB expandable storage

  • 13MP pinhole front camera and 8MP wideangle + 25MP back cameras

  • On-screen fingerprint reader

  • Ships with Android Pie

If you're interested in picking one up, then you might be disappointed to find that it is currently available only in Europe for €499 (~RM2,261). I do hope you have a buddy willing to import it for you, as there's no word on a global release as of yet.


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